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​Scientists Recommend to Forbid Handshakes

Researchers from the University of Aberystwyth in Wales are urging people to greet each other with fist bumps. They note that a handshake is transmitting ten times more bacteria. According to scientists, the welcome change may reduce the risk of infection during the flu.

Scientists Recommend to Forbid Handshakes

Researchers dip

ped pair of sterile latex gloves in a special liquid with bacteria. After they’ve tried handshake gesture, fist bump and "High Five." It turned out that most of the bacteria is transmitted through a handshake. Gesture "High five!" comes second. Scholars considered the safest the fist bump. Perhaps this is due to the short duration and a smaller area of contact.

This is not the first time that scientists say about the dangers of shaking hands. It has been previously discussed, that there’s a need to put a ban on handshakes in hospitals. "With a firm handshake doctors are trying to instill a sense of confidence in patients. However, this behavior is imprudent," - said researcher Dave Whitworth. Meanwhile, he noted that the impact of fist bumps instead of greeting gave him discomfort. "I prefer a handshake, but I try to minimize them," - says Whitworth.

There are other ways to reduce the spread of harmful germs. Infection control expert Peter Hoffman advises to wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet. This could reduce the spread of E. coli. He also suggested switch from handshakes to bows. "This way, people will be fully insured against germs," - said Hoffman.

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