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​Dancing With Kids Can Help To Build Connection

Music and dance classes where you move in sync with others can contribute to rallying. This factor is also important for the social behavior of children who have just learned to walk.

Dancing With Kids Can Help To Build Connection

Laura Tsirelli, who performed the studies, showed that 14-month old children are more willing to help other (by giving falling objects) after moving to the music with this person. A total of 68 children participated. They were divided into pairs with adults.

Some children jumped to the music in sync with the adults, and some - not. When the song ended, the person who was right in front of a child, was performing several tasks. For example, drawing a picture with a marker. And while drawing that person dropped the marker. This is a simple test for altruism in children. If the child has picked up and gave the marker, the figures of altruism were high.

This happened faster with children, who move in sync with an adult. If the motion were nonsynchronous, children raised marker only in 30% of cases (in the first group that has happened in 50%). Scientists advise parents to dance with the children to grow bond stronger and to develop child’s ability to altruism, which is necessary for the formation of social ties.

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