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​Doctors Can Diagnose Patients With Their Photos

Rare genetic abnormalities occurring in 6% of people is very hard to diagnose. But doctors have created a program that associates approximate diagnosis by the photo. This program can facilitate the identification of disease. The bottom line is that there is a collected database with common for various diseases facial features.

Doctors Can Diagnose Patients With Their Photos

Doctors often diagnose based on an explicit external abnormalities characteristic for 30-40% of rare diseases. But not all of the doctors are capable of it. New program has been created by Christoffer Nellåker and Andrew Zisserman of the University of Oxford. They loaded into the program 1363 pictures of people with 8 genetic abnormalities, including Down syndrome, fragile X chromosome syndrome and progeria. Program learned to recognize the disease by 36 facial features (form of the eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose).

To check accuracy, experts tested the program on the photos of people with established diagnoses. Thus, the accuracy was 93%. To date, the program recognizes up to 90 diseases, although an unambiguous diagnosis cannot be done - a table of possible diagnoses gets diagnosed. For example, photographs of Abraham Lincoln the program has diagnosed the Marfan syndrome in seventh place for the probability of all possible diseases.

Experts hope to teach the program to analyze the photos of people made from the front and the profile. In the future, the program can be integrated with applications that analyze DNA. Then the diagnosis will be placed accurately and quickly.

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