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​Electric Current Will Cure the Most Problematic Teeth

Trips to the dentist will no longer be an unpleasant procedure. Scientists have found a way to restore teeth without fillings. Technology has been developed at King's College London. Natural recovery starts with electrocution.

Caries - a total loss of minerals. Stopping detrimental changes can be done by electrically accelerating and enhancing the remineralization. This technology will be available to try in the next three years. Professor Nigel Pitts emphasizes that standard treatments are not perfect. Teeth can not be restored, and are gradually destroyed - fillings occupy more and more space.

Electric Current Will Cure the Most Problematic Teeth

Remineralization is different, because it’s painless. It will be more economical. By the way, the procedure is suitable for teeth whitening. Tooth decay affects annually about 2.3 billion people. It starts with a microscopic defect where the tooth tissue is already showing signs of thinning. During remineralization first occurs preparing the damaged part of the enamel. Next, some electric current is applied for administration of calcium and phosphate. Thus tissues get strengthened.

This method of treatment will be started by Reminova – a company linked to the Dental institute of King’s College London – which is seeking investment to create a remineralisation device.

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