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Lab Tests & Diagnostics soon could be done from home

Cue is the startup founded by a graduate of University of California Ayub Khattak. The main product is a versatile device designed for health tracking. Swine Flu epidemic of 2009 pushed a scientist to create such a system.At that time, health care system has demonstrated its inadequacy. It failed to provide timelyhealth information and solutions. 

Lab Tests & Diagnostics soon could be done from home

If people had a Cue device, doctors could timely and effectively respond to this rapidly evolving situation.Cue is a compact laboratory tool that assesses five key health indicators at the molecular level. It measures the amount of inflammation, vitamin D levels, fertility, and susceptibility to influenza symptoms. In the future, the list of indicators will be expanded.

The patient using the Cue, needs to put samples of blood or saliva in a special disposable cartridge sensor analyzer and chemicals required in preparation for analysis. Then, bio sensors convert biological data and transfer via Bluetooth to an application on a smart phone.Application, based on the data obtained, provides advice on health improvements. It could also be a recommendation such as "go to the gym, start jogging, surfing, or walking." 

In addition, the application can track the spread of flu in nearby areas, as well as indicate fertile days by reading lutein hormone fluctuations produced by the pituitary gland.

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